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Our tracking team provide specialist camera tracking support for broadcast, film and live events in partnership with Ncam. 


Ncam Reality is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ hybrid camera tracking solution for all AR, MR & XR scenarios, including studios and outdoor environments, with compatibility for all professional cameras and lenses. 


We handle the technical operations, allowing our clients to focus on their creative vision. This includes pre-shoot lens calibrations and day-to-day Ncam operations. Whether on-set, in-studio or on location, our experienced team will support you to achieve the best possible results utilising Ncam Reality & the newly released Ncam MK2 Camera Bar.



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Director of Sales EMEA at Ncam

Offshoot Operations are fully qualified to provide live Ncam operation for all your production needs. From ‘Star Wars’ to the Champions League, Ncam Reality is used throughout the broadcast, film, and live events industries by some of the biggest brands in the world to visualise photorealistic graphics in real-time, including Amazon, CNN, Disney, ESPN, Netflix, Sky Sports, BT Sport and the NFL. Ncam fully endorses Offshoot Operations for Ncam operation in all of these industry sectors with a guarantee of quality service.

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Do you need a team of tracking specialists to help make your creative vision a reality? Get in touch to discuss how we can support your upcoming project.

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